sustainable print communication

Environment is one of our main concerns. Our solutions often include sustainable materials. We push the boundaries and constantly improve efficiency and waste reduction. With our knowledge and expertise, we help you to minimise the impact on the environment by using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved products and managing your printed material more effectively and efficiently. We can support you developing environmentally friendly solutions - check out some do's & don't:


Look at the range of environmental papers & choose one that suits your requirement

Consider using lighter weight papers

Design your print job to lessen the environmental impact

Design the finished size / shape to reduce waste.
I.e. use standard sheet sizes

Use vegetable based inks

Use saddle stitching in preference to wirobinding or perfect binding if possible. Saddle stitched products are easier to recycle

Advertise / promote your environmental credentials and show the accreditations you have on your printed collateral


Don't use lamination if it can be avoided

Don't use unnecessary packaging

Don't use window envelopes if it can be avoided. Window envelopes can't be easily recycled

Don't design so that special sheet sizes are required

Don't use metallic or fluorescent colours. These are petroleum based. Metallic inks contain high levels of heavy metals which are hazardous to the environment

Don't print e-mails

Don't print out to many copies

Do talk to Breathe Print Management to help guide you through the forest of different papers, finishes & accreditations. Breathe Print Management - because printing doesn't have to cost the earth!